Revive A Warrior Forums Work Notes Work Notes for June 21-22: 2320

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    • Many more VSO’s added to the directory.
    • David Harrill graciously gave us permission to use his photos as wallpapers for RAW. (with credit of course)
    • Changed the format of the tagline, exchanging pipes “|” for commas. Tagline may have been mistaken for a menu.
    • Added a Review system. Each VSO can now be reviewed by users.
    • Customized the review system with relevant criteria.
    • Themed review system after our current OD green style.
    • Enabled smooth scrolling. Side-effect: Look at the scrollbar (right>>>)
    • Added David Harrill credit to the footer widget area.
    • Reviewed several additions to the directory, and updated Trello board to reflect.

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