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  • Joseph Levi became a registered member 1 year, 6 months ago

    • Hi Joseph. Find everything you need?

    • Hi David, how’s it going? I’m just checking the site out. Just a little background on myself; I am an Army vet deployed to Kosovo in 02 and Iraq in 04. I completed a two year term working for Congressman Chris Gibson as his Military and Veteran Affairs Constituent Service Representative. He is a retired Colonel of the Army and we served together in Kosovo on the same base! Then in Iraq, our division (1st Infantry Division) relieved his division (the Rainbow Division) out of New York. Showed you what a small world it is since ten years later I worked for him.
      I am also the secretary for the Sullivan County Veterans Coalition, Service Officer for VFW Post 5499, Service Officer for American Legion Post 109, I’m also involved with the Hudson Valley Veterans Task Force, a member of the SVA (Student Veterans of America) and I also got a veterans lounge at my local college and secured a 10k grant through NYSID to furnish the room.

      I still have congressional contacts, with the VA, I used to contact on a daily basis when I worked for the Congressman. If you have any questions for me, shoot me a message.

      Joseph Levi