Quite a few people have asked to advertise their products, or at least show their support for veterans on RAW. Well, not exactly. Revive A Warrior’s purpose is to foster the independence of veterans and service members by offering the ability to find resources they need, and then report on their experience.

Some folks who support vets want to talk about their products or services that are provided specifically to or by veterans. That does not fit within the scope of what we are trying to do with RAW. So, instead of adding confusion, for the sake of keeping RAW’s environment simple and straightforward, Clever.vet has been conceived.

Clever.vet has a community system in-place, ready for business owners, recruiters (for businesses) and entrepreneurs to share there info, and to join a directory, similar to RAW’s VSO directory. The site is also the perfect place to show off your hobbies and skill sets. Whether you’re making furniture or blades, gun smithing or painting, almost any hobby or enterprise is welcome on Clever.vet. Criteria to be featured is, your business must be veteran owned or operated, or you must have products or services which cater to veterans or service members.

We are planning to host a job board. Until we have more participants populating the job board, we will import jobs from other job sites which we believe our visitors may be qualified for and interested in.

Like RAW, the goal will be to keep Clever.vet ad free. As yet, we do not have a need to ask for donations. Let’s hope it stays that way.