You can now write reviews on any of the orgs in our directory. What does this mean for you? It means you have a voice!

Your opinion matters. Your experiences can help other veterans, and organizations gain a perspective on what works, and what doesn’t.


Updates & Features

So many new features have been added to RAW that honestly a few have been forgotten already. Not to worry, the Work Notes help us keep track of everything. Whether we add VSOs, create a new forum, add some new features, everything we do is logged.



We’ve boosted the security level of RAW with quite a things so we can be sure to avoid the mistakes of the past, and ensure a bright future.

Enabling social logins has made it easier for us to automatically vet new users, reducing spam and potentially malicious accounts from gaining access.

Spread the word!

Right now RAW is a 1-man operation. Except for a few small donations (around $45 this year) RAW is run, paid for, and managed almost exclusively by 1 person, me! (@nubby_ninja). I can’t afford to run TV ads, pay for radio time, or a bunch of ads on Google or Facebook, but YOU can afford to tell your friends, loved ones, and other veterans about it.

RAW doesn’t need money to grow, it needs you to spread the word. The more people who know about RAW, the more input we receive. Input from you and people like you helps us find more organizations for the directory, more features for our users, and more things we can do to improve your experience.

How can I help?

First of all, we don’t really accept donations from the public. Money is great, but that’s not what we need to make RAW grow.

Right now, RAW needs you, and people like you to engage the various social features built into the site. The forums, profiles, and task manager all offer a great way to collaborate, communicate, and share. There are also social sharing options so you can spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever venue floats your goat.

All else fails, you can always hop on our Facebook Page and give us a shout, or join our Facebook Group and share/find resources.