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June 2017


2017-10-05T18:00:06-04:00June 21st, 2017|

An Adopt A Soldier Platoon operation: Working with Wounded Veterans, Firefighters, and Police Officers for over 14 years, Camp4Heroes, Inc. is being created to give back and promote well-being by having retreats, activities, and training such as Art, Music, Blacksmithing, Welding, Woodworking, Archery, Skeet Shooting, Fishing, Hunting, Animal Therapy, and much more. We will also [...]

Samaritan’s Purse – Op Heal Our Patriots

2017-10-05T18:02:29-04:00June 16th, 2017|

What is Operation Heal Our Patriots? A Place of Healing for America’s Heroes According to the Department of Defense, over 48,000 U.S. service members have been wounded or injured as a result of combat actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the global war on terror since the 9/11 attacks. For these patriots, the road [...]

Nantucket Holidays 4 Heroes

2017-10-05T18:02:58-04:00June 16th, 2017|

WHY SOLDIERS AND CIVILIANS – TWO DIFFERENT WORLDS Soldiers are trained to fight – and to survive. Civilians politely earn our successes.Β  The stories that wounded heroes like Joshua and James share are too often observed at arm’s length, if at all. We feel uncomfortable – bound by genuinely felt compassion for a wounded Hero’s [...]