The Rebuilding Phase

The Rebuilding Phase
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Right now, my focus is two-fold. Security first and foremost (constantly rotating complex passwords that can't be guessed, created via script) and secondly, content.

The goal is to have easily-searchable content that can be found by name, region, but most importantly, by the types of services the orgs, businesses, teams or individuals provide, and who they provide to.

In the past RAW only included non-profit organizations, with a handful of small exceptions.

(out with the old)

This time around, I want to pack RAW everything from job opportunities, SDVOBs, non profits and more.

What Are Your Goals?

Aggregate | Organize | Disseminate - Bring as much information to the table as possible, so veterans, caregivers, family members, survivors, spouses, widows, and those who want to support them or anyone in their circle, has a clear path to do so.

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway. I want to bring the suicide rate among service members and their warrior family down to 0.00%

How Can I Help?

That's easy.

  • Step 1: Sign Up. You get access to our newsletter, and you can comment on posts to share information, ask and answer questions, and more.
  • Step 2: Use the Comments to offer suggestions for content, information on benefits, updates and changes, and anything you think veterans can find useful.
  • Step 3: Share Spread the word so those who need the help can find it easily, and those who want to help, have a path.

More information will be forthcoming as our content grows.

Can I Donate?

We aren't there yet. Maybe one day the type of work being done here will require funding to carry it forward, but for the foreseeable future, we'll be doing just fine.

However, there are some fantastic organizations listed here. You should find one that speaks to you, and help where you can.

What Happened To The Old Website?

Hackers got it. Plain and simple. Wordpress is too easily exploited. Fortunately all of the orgs listed on RAW were saved in lists elsewhere, so while the website was lost, we have a way to move forward.

This time around I'm keeping backups of the website in a regular interval. Should the need arise to recover from another hacked website, it should be a simple matter. But again, all important information is saved elsewhere, so fret not. We will rebuild again, and again, each time stronger and better.

Every CMS has its vulnerabilities, but we're taking special precautions, and we aren't hampered by the security and performance flaws of a web host this time.

Self-Hosting means we have a whole new set of quirks to deal with. Have faith.