Everyday, approximately 22 military service members take their own lives, according to a reports released in 2016 by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD).  Not only are we committed to increasing public knowledge and awareness of PTS, we are also devoted to honoring the memory of the fallen who have been lost to a PTS related cause, as well as providing comfort and support to their mourning families.

Service members are not the only ones suffering. Families of the fallen are left suffering from complicated grief long after the loss of a loved one. We will support these families by honoring and remembering their loved one and providing them with event memorabilia. We will network grieving families and loved ones of the fallen who can help and support each other throughout the grieving process as well as share with them valuable resources to help heal.

In an effort to accomplish this mission we plan to be visible at various events so that we can educate the public, raise awareness, share valuable resources, and answer questions regarding PTS.

While accomplishing our mission we hope to see the stigma of PTS removed through public awareness and education so that the service member may seek and receive the medical treatment and social support they need and deserve. We also hope to make contact with suffering service members and families to let them know they are not alone and that help is available.

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