Our Vision

The Combat Wounded Coalition’s Vision is to Ensure Every Wounded Warrior Realizes Their Full Potential

 Our Mission

The Combat Wounded Coalition’s mission is to inspire our wounded warriors to Overcome

We accomplish this through direct programs and connections to other vetted organizations that support them through Pride, Power Purpose and Peace.    Another CWC mission is to provide clothing modifications and Wounded Wear, a unique line of apparel for wounded warriors and patriots to support our wounded warriors. We also honor families of the fallen with opportunities to participate in events with our heroes.

Who We Serve

The Combat Wounded Coalition provides program services to combat wounded warriors who have received the Purple Heart, veterans injured in the line of duty while training for combat operations and warriors diagnosed with PTSD and TBI directly linked back to combat operations.

Families of the Fallen

The Combat Wounded Coalition’s Families of the Fallen Program, as part of its mission, is committed to providing support to families of service members killed during combat operations or during hostilities against the United States, and to families of service members who died from complications from injuries received during combat operations, or during hostilities against the United States, to include accidents and exposures. In addition, we provide support for families of service members killed during training missions in preparation for combat operations, and families of service members lost to suicide, due to post traumatic stress after service in DOD-identified combat theaters.

Due to the focused scope of our mission we do not have the resources to support families of service membe