The FEW assists in the healing process of the families and veterans of Special Operations Forces recognized for valorous actions and wounds acquired in combat, regardless of the era or conflict in which these individuals have served. We provide therapeutic recreational and sporting events, at both the local and national level, customized to enhance the mental and physical health of our heroes. We also strive to assist in the successful reintegration of these warriors with their families and communities.

After more than a decade of sustained conflict and multiple deployments, we now have entire generations of service members, veterans and military families who know nothing but War โ€ฆ and War comes home with them. Neither the Department of Defense nor the Veteran Affairs has effectively integrated family and community support; therefore, as a patriotic society it is up to us to intervene. Saving the lives of our veterans is the utmost priority and duty of the Foundation for Exceptional Warriors.

Statistics show more veterans are dying from suicide, 18-22 per day, than in combat operations. This number is both astounding and disheartening. Research has shown, however, that Therapeutic Recreation is a โ€œpreventative measure for maintaining health and wellness in order to avoid developing disabling conditions.โ€ Proactively reaching