At Home Base, we view family broadly. To us, “family” encompasses spouses, partners, parents, siblings, and children, but also anyone who the Veteran considers a member of their support network, including close friends. We believe that when one family member serves, the entire family serves, and to that end we use a 3-generation model of care.  Pioneered by Home Base, the 3-generation model allows us to treat the parents of Veterans (generation one) the spouse/partners/siblings of a Veteran (generation two) and the Veteran’s children (generation three).

Home Base works to overcome barriers to care for family members in a variety of ways:

  • Home Base treats the family members of Veterans regardless of their ability to pay. If the family member of a Veteran has insurance, Home Base bills it, but will pay for anything not covered by insurance including co-pays. If a Veteran family member does not have insurance, Home Base covers 100% of the treatment and support, at no cost to the patient.
  • Home Base also pays for parking for family members who come in for appointments.
  • Home Base will provide transportation to appoints to and from the regional outpatient clinic if needed, through a partnership with a group of retired Massachusetts State Police Officers.
  • Home Base offers pre-established babysitting for folks who need childcare