Wounded WarriorProject Enduring Pride was started in 2005 by a combat disabled military veteran upon seeing the dynamics of being a patient in the military healthcare system.  While working with the Morale,

Welfare, and Recreational staff it was learned of the Federal Regulations limitation and budgetary constraints that that truly held by many good Federal civilian employees from reaching beyond stated goals.  PEP was founded to do events where the WW had a challenge outreach experience; later evolving into more of a PTSD intervention mechanism developed and support by the professional healthcare staffs.

Today, PEP is in the final stages of moving into seven military and V.A. centers to provide services to the wounded warrior population.  PEP is a not-for profit activity fewer than 501 (C) 3 as defined by the Commonwealth of Virginia tax Code and the Federal IRS standards. PEP is staffed by volunteers with no paid members, less reimbursement for substantiated mission supportexpenses.

Project Enduring Pride (PEP) Mission S