I am a wife, blogger, freelance marketing extraordinaire, and a mother of two very energetic children. I have a Bachelor’s of Science degree focusing on Communications.  Most importantly, my husband suffers from CPTSD and I have Vicarious PTSD. But PTSD no longer controls our lives. In fact, PTSD doesn’t define you, it’s just a small piece to your amazing life.

CPTSD, PTSD Support: What’s So Different About This Blog?

Everything! I write about real life PTSD events and don’t hold back. Another benefit to reading this unique blog is that I write about what I’ve learned over the last two years from numerous medical professionals. These details are shared from a loving wife’s perspective. Essentially, from someone who also faces PTSD. And, the best part about my blog is that it will inspire and restore hope for you and your loved ones. Visit the menu at the top of this page and explore a little. There’s something for everyone, whether it be a PTSD survivor, their spouse, children, or family and friends. Share your favorite posts with those who don’t quite grasp PTSD and what you are going through.