Is Competitive Sailing for you?

The ocean is a dynamic and challenging environment.  Once docklines are cast-off, you have your boat, your gear and yourTeam.  Working as a unit, you develop strategy, executetactics, set a course, trim for speed, stand your watch – always ready to adjust tactics at a moments notice to achieve your mission and win!   Sound familiar?

Sailing is a unique environment where Veterans of all typesand ages come together to compete as a team; navigatedynamic challenges; and to experience healthy adrenaline, excitement, calm and peace and camaraderie – all in one event.

U.S. PATRIOT Sailing is looking for motivated Veterans who want to reintegrate with a team and accomplish a new mission.

For safety, we will balance crews and ensure participants are up to the physical challenge.   If you are motivated, we will work to accommodate!

For those we cannot directly support, w